About us

We are an independent multi disciplinary consultancy based in Cyprus and founded in the year 2000. We are currently one of the largest consultancies in Cyprus providing specialised consultancy services and solutions in the fields of Planning, Transport and Environment. We pride ourselves in working closely with our clients and using our wide ranging specialist skills to provide integrated solutions to all phases of the planning process.

The Executive Director of the Company is Ms Anna Caramondani who is a Civil Engineer and Town Planner with over 35 years experience both in the public and private sector in the fields of Planning and Transport.

The basic philosophy of ALA Planning Partnership is to design and undertake actions with a focus on the fundamentals of sustainable development both at local and regional level. The main goal of this philosophy is an integrated approach to all projects, combining the built and natural environment, society, economy and culture in order to improve the quality of life of the local community.

ALA Planning Partnership focuses on a responsible and professional approach to customer service providing consultancy services of a very high scientific level, through extensive experience and dynamic approach. Key to our success is the integration of all parameters arising from our areas of expertise. 


ALA Planning Partnership has a skilled and dedicated team of professionals, made up of Planners, Engineers and Environmental Experts, ready to provide expert advice in the fields of Planning, Transport and Environment.

For a thorough and targeted preparation of specialised studies, ALA Planning Partnership can also call upon external national and international Key Experts, thereby utilising and combining a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience in the fields of architecture, tourism, finance, surveying, coastal engineering, mining engineering, geology, biology, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, etc.

In the past, ALA Planning Partnership has had collaboration agreements with international consultancies, such as Colin Buchanan and Partners, Trademco-SGI and Wardell-Armstrong LLP, which provided a wide range of specific professional services for specialised studies in the fields of transport planning, town planning and environmental planning and management.