Urban & Regional Planning

Urban and Regional planning today requires an integrated and combined approach, which must take into account all parameters affecting the development of an area. For the orthological development of an urban and rural area both at local and/or regional level, it is necessary to: carry out a full and comprehensive examination of the site, identify and evaluate strategies and design solutions, involve at an early stage all relative stakeholders in decision making and use methodologies that promote sustainable development.

We offer a wide range of planning services from preparation of Master Plans to Appeals and Planning Inquiries. Our services, being delivered to both public and private sector clients include:

  • Local and Regional Spatial Planning
  • Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning
  • Preparation of Development Plans (Local Plans an Area Plans, Reviews of Development Plans)
  • Preparation of Master Plans for Village Communities
  • Objections against Development  Plans
  • Planning Deviations and Public Hearings
  • Planning Appeals
  • Planning Inquiries
  • Planning Policy Advice
  • Subdivision of Land Studies