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Material from the Consultation Meeting on the ‘Determination of the Terrestrial Limit of the Coastal Zone of the Republic of Cyprus’ that was held on 31.03.2017

On Friday 31.03.2017 the first Consultation Meeting on determining the Terrestrial Limit of the Coastal Zone of Cyprus was successfully held in the Multipurpose Hall of the Ministry of Finance which was organized within the framework of preparing the National Strategy and Action Plan on Integrated Coastal Zone Management for the period 2018-2028.

The meeting attended, among others, representatives of Government Departments with competence on coastal and marine areas, District Administrations, Scientific and Professional Organizations, the Cyprus Tourism Organization, Union of Cyprus Municipalities / Community Councils and non-governmental organizations.

Select the following links to view the presentations and other relevant material from the Meeting (in Greek):

More details with regard to the Meeting are presented in Press Release 3 (in Greek).