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Completion of the Master Plan for the Amiantos Mine

The Consortium ALA Planning Partnership and Christis Loizides successfully completed the Master Plan for the Asbestos Mine. The project was awarded to the consortium after an open tender procedure by the Department of Forests of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment.

The main objective of the Master Plan was the formulation of proposals for the promotion and development of the Amiantos Mine area, while preserving its history, ensuring the maximum economic benefit to the local communities and safeguarding the compatibility of the proposed uses with the ecological and social / historical environment of the area.

An analysis and assessment of the current situation was conducted and public presentations were organized to record the views / suggestions of various stakeholders and the local communities. The advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threats were identified and recommendations were made for the development of the Asbestos mine area.

Also, as part of the contract a Strategic Environmental Assessment was conducted and submitted to the Department of Environment.

The Study Group presented the Master Plan for the Asbestos Mine, to the Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment on May 29, 2014.

The Master Plan for the Asbestos Mine is posted on the website of the Department, on the following link: