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3rd Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems in Cyprus

Τhe 3rd Conference on Intelligent Transport in Cyprus under the “Diavlos" act, will be held on Tuesday 24th of June 2014 at the University of Cyprus. The Conference is organized by the Department of Public Works, the University of Cyprus and the Technical Chamber of Cyprus. Administrative support to the Conference will be provided by the companies Tredit SA and ALA Planning Partnership.

The conference aims to inform all interested parties about developments in relation to Intelligent Transport Systems, in Cyprus in particular, during the last year.

The Conference will present pilot applications of Intelligent Transport Systems (such as data collection systems, traffic management systems, dynamic information systems for public transport etc.) that were implemented under the “Diavlos" act. The expected benefits resulting from its implementation will also be presented.

Moreover, the conference will cover broader strategic issues on intelligent and sustainable transport and other applications of Intelligent Transport Systems in Cyprus.

The Conference will be addressed by the Minister of Communications and Works, Mr. Marios Demetriades, the Rector of the University of Cyprus, Mr. Christofides and the President of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus. Invited to the Conference are Public Administration officers from all bodies associated with transport and executives from companies and institutions involved directly or indirectly with sustainable and intelligent transport.

The conference is open to anyone interested in the subject of intelligent or sustainable transport. Those interested in attending the conference can register or request more information by conducting ALA Planning Partnership at

Information on the “Diavlos”Act can be found at whereas information on applications of the act in Nicosia can be found at