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Review of the Master Plan for the Vasilikos Area

ALA Planning Partnership has been appointed by Poten & Partners, Inc. on behalf of Noble Energy, to provide Consulting Services with regard to the preparation of an up-to-date and comprehensive new Master Plan of the Vasilikos area. In 2009 ALA Planning Partnership in collaboration with Wardell Armstrong LLP prepared a Master Plan of the Vasilikos area that defined the planning zones and land uses, mapped out the existing and proposed transport infrastructure and other basic infrastructure such as drinking water, sewage, electricity networks, etc.

The new Master Plan shall record the existing facilities, examine their compatibility with the proposed facilities and assist in the planning of the development of this area in such a way that both current and future establishments operate in an efficient, safe and environmentally sound manner. Furthermore, the long term land availability of the area under study will be examined, as well as the required changes in the land and sea uses which will enable the establishment of the Vasilikos LNG Plant taking into account the security of the area and social, safety and environmental impacts.