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Presentation of the Nicosia Integrated Mobility Master Plan

On the 11th of July 2013 the Consultancy Consortium SKM Colin Buchanan and ALA Planning Partnership presented to the Minister of Communications and Works Mr. Tasos Mitsopoulos the results of a study that aims to improve and upgrade the Public Transport System.

ALA Planning Partnership presented the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Study for the Nicosia Integrated Mobility Plan which was prepared by DENCO Consultants Inc. - CERTH / HIT - CTL - POLYTIA ARMOS. The main objective of the Master Plan is to achieve sustainable mobility through the increased use and development of the public transport, the cycle network and the pedestrian network, with the simultaneous upgrade and completion of the road network.

The SEA Study prepared by ALA Planning Partnership, assesses the impacts (positive and negative) that may arise from the implementation of the Nicosia Integrated Mobility Master Plan and proposes measures to tackle these effects. While preparing the SEA study it was established that the implementation of the Master Plan will have a positive impact on a number of factors (i.e. environmental, climatic, social), provided that the specific actions follow the provisions of the Plan and the environmental law.