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Strategic Road Safety Plan for the Period 2012-2020

In January 2013 the new Strategic Road Safety Plan for the Republic of Cyprus for the period 2012-2020 was submitted to the Road Safety Council of the Ministry of Communications and Works.

The study was prepared by the consortium of SKM Colin Buchanan, ALA Planning Partnership and Zavrides Consulting. It includes a series of measures and actions aimed at reducing the number of people killed and injured in road accidents by 50% by the end of the Strategy period.

The ambitious (but feasible) objectives of the Plan can be achieved through the implementation of the well documented actions included in the Plan.

ALA Planning Partnership (as a member of the study group) hopes that the initiatives and actions that contribute to road safety are not neglected due to the ongoing economic crisis. On the contrary the efforts to implement the measures and actions proposed in the new plan should be intensified.