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ALA Planning Partnership (Environment) Ltd a National candidate for the European Business Awards 2012/13

ALA Planning Partnership (Environment) Ltd, is pleased to announce that it has qualified for the second phase of the European Business Awards along with 14 other Cypriot companies. The company has been recognized as one of the 627 best companies in Europe in 2012.

For this year’s Awards programme the judges faced an immense task since they had to assess over 15,000 of Europe’s most innovative and entrepreneurial businesses. Out of the 15,000 business, only 627 have made it through the initial judging process to become National Finalists for their respective countries.
ALA Planning Partnership (Environment) Ltd will now go on to compete for National Champion status, in the next phase of the competition.
The European Business Awards is an independent institution that recognizes and rewards excellence, best practices and innovation in EU companies, in line with the broader objectives of the European Union.
Within the group of supporters and the jury of the European Business Awards are prominent figures such as politicians, academics and managers of large organizations. The high profile of the awards is enhanced by the wide coverage by international media, including: CNN, Wall Street Journal, Euronews, Financial Mail, etc.
The Director of ALA Planning Partnership (Environment) Ltd Ms. Anna Caramondani stated: "We are very proud that our company was selected to participate in this important institution and meet the stringent qualitative and quantitative criteria of the evaluation committee. We always strive for excellence at all times and provide our clients high-end professional services. I am delighted for our whole team to see all their efforts recognized at a European Level".