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Feasibility study for the Establishment of Unified Planning Authorities

The Department of Planning and Housing, after an open tender procedure, awarded KPMG the contract for the preparation of the “Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Unified Planning Authorities”.

The above contract was signed on August 23, 2011 between the Director of the Department of Town Planning and Housing, Mr Christou Ktorides and KPMG under the presence of the Minister of the Interior, Mr Neoclis Sylikiotis and Deputy Director General of the Ministry of the Interior, Mr. Andreas Assiotis.

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Anna Caramondani, Town Planner and Director of the ALA Planning Partnership (Environment) Ltd., is a member of the Study Team for the preparation of the above study.

This important study aims to radically reform the planning system and planning development control as well to modernise the general framework of the licensing procedures.